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As you continue building out Laravel apps, you will notice spots that you need to perform the same queries. If your project is like most projects I've worked on, you will start with just repeating the query code in many places.

This works great until you need to change the query. Because the query is repeated throughout your code, you now need to change it everywhere. And you might forget to change it somewhere 🤦🏻. This is an enormous maintenance headache. I can't even count how many bugs I've encountered (and written myself) from forgetting to update code in multiple places.


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I'm like most builders and creators. I believe my work needs to be perfect to put it out there. We all talk about minimum viable products and releasing early and often. But actually doing it is another story.

When I see all the minor mistakes in my work it makes it hard to release. This really only matters to us builders, though. Because we are in the industry and know how things could be better, it's hard to be okay with mistakes or non-perfect solutions.

The ironic thing is users just don't care about it being perfect.

Users don't care that it looks...

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Many clients and companies rely on time tracking either for billing or to measure and improve productivity. What they don't realize is they may be hurting themselves in the process.

Billing for time spent is focusing on the wrong metric. Focus on results and value delivered instead.

While time tracking can be used with other things to improve productivity, it can also backfire on improving more than it can help.

It doesn't matter if time tracking benefits people more for being quicker or slower. Either way, they will be motivated to work in a way that negates any benefits of time tracking.

If someone...

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Once you write any code to solve a problem

The answer really is that simple.

It doesn't matter what programming language you used. Or if you wrote code for mobile phones, a website, or a desktop application.

Even if you wrote the tiniest amount of code, as long as you solved something with code, you are a developer. Any experienced developer knows we spend way more time thinking about how to solve problems than actually writing code.

You don't need to solve hundreds of problems to call yourself a developer either. The first time you write code, you are a developer. Sure, you are...

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Determining what to charge for freelance projects can almost be impossible. It's hard to figure out a rate that won't lose the client while not robbing yourself of extra money. The good news is there are a few standard pricing models you can use.

1. Time-Based (Hourly, Daily, Weekly)

This is the easiest to start out with. It's simple to calculate your rate for a set time. Clients already understand and are used to this pricing model. But this model limits your income since there are only so many hours available. It also penalizes you as you get faster.

2. Fixed Price

Moving to...

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