Being an Extrovert Can Be Hard, but Is Needed To Find Success

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Photo By Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

I'm naturally an introvert that would be happy by myself forever, but I link many of my success to being extroverted.

From my career to freelancing to content creation, I had to be an extrovert in some way to succeed.

I received feedback that to move further up in my career that I would need to become known by the other managers by being more outgoing. I was only able to write my first book with the support of friends I made from online communities. I only found success on Medium after networking with others on Medium.

Let's face it, we can't get far on our own.

That is why programs like Ship 30 for 30 and other communities are so popular. We not only need the support of other people for motivation and advice, but it's also other people that buy our products, read our content, help us move up in our career. After all we can't pay ourselves. The money needs to come from someone else.

Luckily it is easy to find a way for introverts to be extroverted enough to find their success.

If you aren't comfortable with networking in person, you can always network online via communities and groups. If joining communities and groups aren't your thing, you can always connect with others 1-on-1 via DMs or replying to other's content.

You can find a way to be outgoing for you that will also allow you to connect with others to help lead you to success.