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If you told your client they were wrong, would you fear getting fired? Even with great clients, many of us have irrational feelings like this.

Here is a secret about all the best freelancers. They aren't afraid to tell a client when the client is wrong. The best freelancers know clients don't actually know what they want or need. Excellent results can't be delivered if clients make decisions for things that are actually the freelancer's expertise.

If you want to build a reputation as the go-to freelancer for solving problems within your expertise, you need to tell clients when they are wrong.

Think about why you...

Published on 1 min read

Many people dream of the freedom being a freelancer brings. However, it can be a difficult journey, especially if you aren't ready for it.

How do you know if you are ready?

1. Do you have the experience and can work on your own?

Clients expect freelancers to be able to hit the ground running, so make sure you know your job well enough to work on your own.

2. Do you have a portfolio?

Clients need proof you can complete the job. Having a portfolio also helps you answer #1 correctly.

3. Are you able to manage yourself?

Freelancers need excellent time and project management skills....

Published on 2 min read

I was so excited when I made my first few hundred dollars freelancing. Thinking of what a great start I had, I saw dollar signs in my head and a new future career path. When that first few hundred dollars turned into my last few hundred for years, I realized how utterly wrong I was. I was a horrible freelancer then. I just didn't know it.

Striking out on your own is a different beast than working for someone else. I didn't realize the skills I didn't have and how being able to code only wasn't enough to be successful. My...

Published on 1 min read

Perfectionism is my number one enemy. It has been for a long time. Trying to be perfect always stopped me from creating my own content. It makes me question everything I do.

I worry something needs to be perfect to release it. I question if people will think I don't know what I am doing if I make a mistake.

Will someone care if I make a mistake? No, they won't, so I need to stop trying to be perfect.

I see evidence of this all the time. Some of the people who inspire me the most have mistakes in their best work....

Published on 6 min read

I have talked to several great developers who write fantastic code with years of experience who were confused about why they were not a senior developer yet. Maybe you have had some of the same thoughts. Perhaps you think you are ready to be promoted, but it doesn't seem to be coming any time soon.

If you look at the requirements for most senior developer positions, it seems like all the requirements are you need 5+ years of experience with language X and technology Y. So when you see this, you start thinking I write great code. I have the experience,...

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