Why Am I Writing?

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This will be my 7th day writing and publishing daily (on Twitter as part of #ship30for30). While this is a massive accomplishment for me, it also has been challenging. I'm doing this while working a full-time job, consulting, writing a book, and raising a 3-year-old. Today, I'm going to reflect on why I am doing this. I need to remind myself why this is worth the extra effort.

My end goal in life is to be able to help other developers grow. Every time I have had the opportunity to teach or mentor, I am reminded of how much I enjoy teaching. I truly enjoy seeing someone else improve. I like when I can help other's avoid the same mistakes I made in the past. Or when I can share the knowledge, I wish had, but no one passed along.

I know I don't want to be forced to teach specific things like what would happen if I became a professor or taught at a Bootcamp. I went to college and been part of bootcamps. Coming out of them, I felt inadequately prepared for the work ahead. I want to be free to teach the things I wish I had known and where I see people struggle. Hopefully, I can fill some of the gaps left by the current educational materials out there.

This is why I am writing daily. My end goal is what makes all the effort worthwhile in the end. If I want to teach what I wish I had known, I need to grow. Not only do I need to boost my own habits and confidence, but I need to expand my network and be able to reach more people. If this allows me to reach one person and help them grow, it will have been worth it.

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