Letting go of perfectionism

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Perfectionism is my number one enemy. It has been for a long time. Trying to be perfect always stopped me from creating my own content. It makes me question everything I do.

I worry something needs to be perfect to release it. I question if people will think I don't know what I am doing if I make a mistake.

Will someone care if I make a mistake? No, they won't, so I need to stop trying to be perfect.

I see evidence of this all the time. Some of the people who inspire me the most have mistakes in their best work. It doesn't stop others from rallying behind them and paying them for their non-perfect work.

It's the same thing with my clients. They don't have the time or money to make it perfect. They do their best and do it quickly. It doesn't stop them from making money every day and continuing to grow.

I'm learning to let my perfectionism go. It is one of the reasons I started this Ship 30 for 30 challenge. I will fail Ship 30 for 30 if I try to be perfect. I need to be okay with mistakes to succeed.

So how am I letting perfectionism go:

  • Give myself permission to make mistakes

  • Set time constraints

  • Stop comparing myself to others

  • Treat it like other work where I would be fired for taking too long

  • Recognizing I already made mistakes, and the content was still successful

Let this be the year I stop trying to be perfect and start creating.