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Hello there and welcome to my home on the internet. I am a Senior Software Engineer that is passionate about technology. I work full time working on tools to support a large e-commerce site while freelancing and working on side projects ranging from SaaS (Software As a Service), mobile and desktop applications. I will be writing about my personal experiences freelancing, developing apps and software, providing tips and tutorials for various technologies, and even reviewing tools, frameworks, and development methodologies. While I am mainly a developer myself, I will be writing articles that I hope multiple audiences will find useful. I will be writing content meant for clients, developers, designers, and freelancers.

If you are a client, my goal is to help you understand developers and freelances to improve working relationships. By better understanding developers and how they work, you will see better results in your app projects in terms of budget, time, and quality while reducing confusion and frustration around the process. I will also provide advice for planning, managing, and releasing software projects.

Developers, I would like to open discussions with you about the many different tools, processes, languages, etc. We work with and hopefully teach you a new trick or two. I plan on providing tips and solutions for tricky problems I come across, writing tutorials to introduce you to new tools, languages, and processes, and giving my opinionated reviews. Not only do I hope to provide you with new information, but I also hope to have two-way communication and learn from you.

While it may seem that designers may not have much to gain from a developer's blog, I hope you will learn enough to work effortlessly and more efficiently with developers. By learning how to use developer tools and processes, you will communicate more comfortably with developers. You will also find some of these things may make your job more efficient too.

Now that you know what I will be writing about and how it will benefit you, let me introduce myself in more detail. I opened by saying that I am passionate about developing software, and I genuinely am passionate. I currently work full-time as a senior software engineer to come home and jump right back into coding. I like to learn about new technologies and am always trying out new languages, tools, and frameworks. I am currently working on multiple side projects using PHP and the Laravel framework. I'll reveal more information about these projects in future articles. I also have been learning Unity and hope to release a simple game eventually.

My love for computers and software started at a young age. I began to play around with computers and to learn about coding by middle school. Before I graduated high school, I worked as a bench tech for a small computer sales and repair store. After working in IT for a few years, I began to take over the web development for its internal sites and client websites. While in college, I developed a Labyrinth clone iOS game, called Holez, with one other developer. Since college, I have been working full time as a Software Engineer. I have started an agency focusing on web applications, specifically (SaaS) for clients.

I would love to get feedback on my blog, answer questions, and hear about any topics you would like to see on it. Please send me a quick email using the contact page or reach out to me on Twitter. I will try to respond to every inquiry. Thank you for checking out my blog, and I hope this becomes a useful resource for you.