Users Want It Easy

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I'm like most builders and creators. I believe my work needs to be perfect to put it out there. We all talk about minimum viable products and releasing early and often. But actually doing it is another story.

When I see all the minor mistakes in my work it makes it hard to release. This really only matters to us builders, though. Because we are in the industry and know how things could be better, it's hard to be okay with mistakes or non-perfect solutions.

The ironic thing is users just don't care about it being perfect.

Users don't care that it looks incredible or has the absolute best UX. Sure, that will help stand out against competitors, but being the best of everything shouldn't be any of the first top priorities.

Users want something that painlessly solves a problem they have.

It must solve a problem for them. If it solves a problem, especially better than other options, they will use it. That is all users care about.

I see this idea reinforced in my client work all the time

Many of my clients have had apps with frankly bad looks and UX. It didn't affect their income and growth when they allowed users to solve a problem easily.

It's time I took what I know users actually care about to focus my priorities and actually start releasing products.